Picture Pages, LLC

Preserving Memories!

Picture Pages LLC is an international company creating new and top quality products for the purpose of making it easy to share your memories with friends and family around the world. The idea was brought about through something that may have been nothing short of heartbreak. Carol Sadowski was the devoted wife of Paul Sadowski and loving mother of Paul II and Michael Sadowski. Carol was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer in April of 1995 and we began fighting a battle that ended with her death on February 15, 1997. After a couple of years and many changes in life Paul Sr. met Linda Williams who had already raised a family and had an adult son and daughter. One thing led to the other and Linda Williams is now Linda Sadowski. When we combined our families we realized we both had boxes and boxes of photos (memories).
After considering photo albums and other ways of organizing these memories we realized that those memories would not be shared often enough if we put them in boxes, whether they were in albums or not. We decided that we needed a way to display books; "Picture Pages" is the answer we came up with. We have recently realized that as breast cancer survivors we can share this story with many other families that have not let breast cancer tear them apart. We may have given Carol up to breast cancer, but we can attest that breast cancer did not win. We hope others will find strength in being able to turn the page, when their life changes. Our business mission is to continuously improve our production and quality, so that we continue to have a product that exceeds your expectations. Provide customer service unsurpassed by anyone, by providing a 90-day replacement warranty with replacements being expressed to customers within 24 hours. Continue to find and create new and innovative products to help our customers enjoy sharing memories with friends and family members. Furnish a work environment where our employees have fun making a living, allows them to grow with our company, and to provide training to keep them safe while doing so. To involve ourselves in community programs and charitable projects such as the American Cancer Society, Foundation Fighting Blindness, United Methodist Church and many other causes.

Linda M. Sadowski and Paul Sadowski, Owner